Phillip Schwartz

Head of the Society of Light


Born 1885 – Died 1918

The first and most noticeable trait that Phillip has is his limp; after suffering from a leg injury as a child, he spent most of his life with a cane, and even in death the injury bedevils him.

He is always in a suit, occasionally in a tuxedo for special occasions. He speaks formally almost exclusively, and is proper in his mannerisms.


Spending most of his life as a legal clerk, upon his death from a carriage accident, Phillip quickly took to the Hierarchy life, only to grow guilty at his complacency in what was a corrupt system. He abandoned his post as a clerk and was found by Silas Jones. When Silas disappeared, Phillip was the natural replacement.

He managed to build the Society of Light from a ragtag band of misfits into a well-oiled mechanism, and procured Hennesy Manor through a series of favors with the Renegades living there. This has earned him a solid reputation with the more respectable Renegade bands to some and an obnoxious do-gooder to others. His connections in the local Hierarchy can only provide so much protection,

Phillip Schwartz

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