The Society of the Light

Redemptionis per ministerium



Led by Phillip Schwartz, the Society of the Light is paradoxically the most well-known Reaper group, in that everyone has heard of them, and the least-known, in that they operate so secretively in the shadows. Many people claim to be members, but the actual number is unknown, and many people just want the glory and status of being associated with them.

Making their Haunt in an old, unoccupied mansion in Capitol Hill (which lies empty due to a long, ongoing legal struggle), the Society has been under the leadership of Phillip for close to twenty years. Aside from Philip, there are seven core members of the group.

The main philosophy of the group is that Transcendence can only be found through service and duty to those less fortunate. At some point, this belief started manifesting itself through Reaping. The way the group works is simple: they find new souls to reap and show them the ropes, and then the wraith is off to live off their afterlife having been spared a horrible fate. There's one catch: if the reaped wraith is one of the selected few, then they have a choice: join the Society, or else, and membership carries with it responsibilities, the most notable is the requirement of having to need to reap  ten others in order to be released from service.

Core Members



New Backgrounds


Artifact: Rescue Badge (1 pt.)

A small disc of decorative metal soulforged with the owner's Corpus and fuled by their Pathos, this nondescript disc, when powered by a point of Pathos, reform itself temporarily into a badge of the Society of Light. Only the owner of the disc, whose Corpus was used in the forging of it, can make the badge appear in this manner.

Many members carry their badges around their necks, ensuring that they have it available when they may need it. The fact that it looks like a stylish necklace when not being shown as a badge is a bonus.  

The Society of the Light

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